The French pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai: solutions for a sustainable future ! [fr]

The World Expo in Dubai, running from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, will have the theme of “Connecting minds, Creating the Future”. Bringing together over 200 participants from diverse backgrounds: countries, organizations, companies and academic establishments, Expo 2020 Dubai is expecting 25 million visitors.

World Expos began in the mid-19th century and in each era helped bring to light solutions to new global challenges and foster progress for peoples and cultures. They are open to everyone and provide an opportunity to see the latest innovations from participating countries, companies, multilateral organizations, educational institutions and NGOs.

France is taking an international cooperation approach and aims to link tradition and modernity, from the Enlightenment to technological innovation.

The French Pavilion at Dubai World Expo seeks to demonstrate France’s commitment to building tomorrow’s world through political, economic, cultural and social initiatives and actions. Partners, stakeholders and French talents will express France’s commitment to building a sustainable society, thus enabling it to uphold its new vision for responsible progress.

"France’s ambition since the Enlightenment has been to share scientific and technical innovations to advance human progress. This ambition is all the more urgent in light of the current pandemic crisis and the challenges of the ecological transition, new mobilities and the digital revolution. This is why we wanted this 21st century enlightenment to be on display at the French Pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai" explains Jean-Yves Le Drian, the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs (26 April 2021).

An artistic path divided into several spaces comprising three central themes:

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The French pavilion
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  • Light, Enlightenment
    Focusing on the Pavilion’s architectural theme, “Light, Enlightenment” offers a pictorial insight into the key values of the philosophy of the Enlightenment and the Encyclopédie by Diderot and d’Alembert thanks to a special loan from the French National Archives of the Encyclopédie’s 35 volumes.
  • Mobility
    This second space highlights French innovations regarding mobility. Several partner companies (Accor, the French National Centre for Space Studies (CNES), and French energy company ENGIE in partnership with the Île-de-France Region, Flying Whales and Renault) address the broader sense of mobility, i.e. not only the ability to move and be set in motion, but also to change and evolve.
  • Connecting minds, Creating the future
    This space concludes the approach of the permanent exhibition. It aims to tap into the minds, talents and knowledge of visitors to look towards tomorrow’s world. The “Galaxy of Tomorrow’s World” allows visitors to explore three “planets” (Art, Education, Science), each of which offers a vision for the future, commitments and solutions (both concrete and more utopian) for Humanity and the planet.

Finally, there will be a series of five temporary exhibitions over the six months of the World Expo. Each will pay tribute to a form of art: digital (Notre-Dame de Paris, the Experience), tableware (The French art of living, a dream to be shared), kinetic art (the Chromosaturation Chamber), architecture (La Société du Grand Paris) and fashion (From A to Z: The Jean Paul Gaultier primer).

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