Requirements for a Schengen visa

SCHENGEN STATES : Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Represented by FRANCE : Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Iceland, Sweden and Switzerland.

Processing delay : 5 full working days / incomplete files will not be processed.


From Wednesday 16 October 2019 on, you can MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ONLY BY E-MAIL.

The appointment must be made at least 15 working days before departure to Europe.

Contact the visa section by mail

If you have a general query on visa issues, a telephone helpline will be available every Monday from 2 pm to 4.30 pm. Phone : + [263] (0) 867 700 7154. Kindly note that NO appointment will be given by telephone.

Once given the appointment applicants must come in person to submit. All persons applying for visas, irrespective of their nationality, will have to apply in person at the visa office of the French Embassy and have their finger scans taken.

You can use the FRANCE-VISAS website to get the list of the supporting documents that you will have to submit :

Please ensure you have at least a free double page in your passport.

Please supply ORIGINAL documents plus one photocopy of all documents that need to be returned to you when making your application. Please be reminded that all incomplete files will be rejected. All applicants should arrive with a completed application form and all supporting documents.

The processing time for short stay visas is 5 full working days for Zimbabwean passport holders and under certain circumstances this time frame could be extended. Other nationalities should check with visa office for their processing time.



A completed and signed visa application form. One photo (with a white background, no scarf, do not staple or glue on to the application form).


A passport with a validity exceeding 6 months, with a free double page in it, and a photocopy of page with personal data.


From your employer to confirm applicant is on leave if you are travelling for tourism or letters from the company in France and from the local company stating nature, date and duration of business trip.


Approximately 100 US$ per day or 50 US$ per day for applicants in possession of a letter of guarantee of accommodation (see 7b).


Confirmed return itinerary.


a) Confirmed hotel booking/ paid.
b) If visiting someone who lives in France: original of a letter of guarantee of accommodation from the host in France called an « attestation d’accueil », which the host can obtain from the Mayor of the town where he/she resides. If the person you are visiting is also responsible for your means of support, then he/she should write a letter confirming this and attach a copy of his/her bank statement in addition to the guarantee of accommodation.


Travel cover must be secured to cover any medical emergency and repatriation. This travel insurance policy must cover expenses up to 30,000 euros, and must be valid for all Schengen countries. Enquire from your medical aid society or your travel agent.


a) If travelling alone, with relatives or friends, please bring an Affidavit from both parents, confirming the authorization signed before a Commissioner of Oaths. The visa application form must be signed by parents or legal guardians.
b) If only one parent is travelling with the child, he/she should produce a certificate of custody or provide an affidavit signed by the other parent.
c) Birth Certificates.
d) School enrolment letter for students.


Non-Zimbabwean passport holders are concerned only.


Schengen visa fee (equivalent 80€ - eighty euros) is payable only in USD.
Kindly check with the visa office as fee is subject to change due to rate exchange.
Payments are strictly in CASH and exact change must be given.

Please note that there will be no refund should the visa be refused.

Production of the documents listed above does not guarantee the issue of a visa.
Visa applicant may be asked to produce other extra requirements apart from the abovementioned ones.

PDF - 192.7 kb
List of requirements to apply for a Schengen visa (February 2020)
(PDF - 192.7 kb)
PDF - 96.6 kb
Application form for a Schengen visa
(PDF - 96.6 kb)

Important information when entering a Schengen border

In addition to a valid passport with a visa (except for exempted nationals), every foreigner, when entering France, should be in a position to produce to the Immigration Officer the following documents:

1. Motive of stay in France:

- for tourism : hotel reservation (in the absence of a hotel reservation, the traveller has to prove that he possesses means of living of at least 120€ per day– see point 2) documents from a travel agency;
- for a professional visit: letter from the employer, invitation from a French firm or organization;
- for a private visit: "attestation d’accueil" delivered by the “mairie’’;

2. Means of living: cash, travellers cheques, international valid credit card.

3. Guaranties of return: return ticket.

(A Schengen visa does not allow entrance into a French overseas territory.)

Last update 13/02/2020

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