Information for visa applicants

In addition to one’s valid passport and visa, every foreigner should be able to present the followings documents on arrival at a French border :

1/ Proof of Residence in France:
- For a touristic stay: valid hotel reservation* (in case there is no hotel reservation, le passenger will have to provide means of subsistence higher than 120 Euros per day- see point 2), registration with an organized travel agent,…;
- for a professional stay: Letter from the employer, invitation from a French Organisation,…;
- for a private stay: “attestation d’accueil” signed by the host who proposed to provide accommodation during the stay;

2/ Proofs of the means of subsistence in France (cash money, Travellers cheques, valid international credit card,…);

3/ Return guaranty to the country of origin (Air ticket,…).

A Schengen Visa does not permit the entry in an Overseas French territorial Division or region.

Last update 20/04/2017

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